Helpful Lawn Maintenance Tips

Mowing Height

Mowing height is by far the number ONE key factor to obtaining a great looking lawn. For the months April through June, and September through October we recommend keeping your mowing height at 2 ¾ inches. Starting in July and through August, the mowing height should be raised to 3 1/2  inches. This will greatly reduce stress (by 50%) to your grass during the hot and typically dryer months of the year allowing more moisture to be retained in the plant. If you have a lawn mowing service, we recommend you discuss mowing height preferences with them to ensure great results. The Greener Blade already makes these adjustments during the season.

How Sharp are your Blades?

Sharp mower blades create a nice clean cut across the top of the leaf blade. A dull blade tears the grass, creating more surface area for moisture to escape which causes grass to wilt. A dull blade will create as much as 5 times more moisture to escape the plant through evapo-transpiration. We recommend you sharpen your lawn-mower blades regularly. The Greener Blade staff sharpens every day during July and August.

After Slit-Seeding

Proper watering is vital to slit-seeding success. Water the area regularly to maintain a moist environment at all times, but do not over water, meaning puddles should not appear on the soil surface. You may only need to water for 5 – 10 minutes at a time. Avoid all foot traffic, including pets and avoid all yard activities in the area that was seeded until the seedlings have grown to at least five inches in height. Maintain the seedlings at a height of three inches or more for he entire first mowing season.

After Fertilizing and/or Weed Control Applications

Allow time for the weed control to dry before engaging in any activity on your lawn, this includes having pets on your lawn. Allow 30-60 minutes for drying time. On days of light rain or heavy dew, we use an added product called “sticker”, which helps the solution adhere to the damp grass without washing away. For optimal results, we recommend that you wait 6-8 hours after the application to begin watering your lawn, and 12 hours before mowing. Continue to water your lawn regularly to help the fertilizer release nutrients into the root-zone of the grass.

After Core Aeration

Continue to water and mow your lawn as you normally do. Generally, it takes three to four weeks for the cores to completely disappear.

After Over-Seeding

For best results, water your lawn regularly for the next 30 days keeping it moist at all times. Mow as you normally would, but keep foot traffic and other yard activities to a minimum for at least 30 days.