Weekly Mowing Services

We use careful detail while mowing of your entire property using the proper mower size machinery to get your lawn looking its very best. Each week we cut your grass in a different direction allowing your lawn to receive a premium cut. Read More

Weed Control & Fertilization

The weed control products used by the Greener Blade are of the highest quality. This ensures a great looking yard without compromising the safety of your family and pets.  In addition, the Greener Blade utilizes a technique known as "spot spraying" to avoid over-application. Read More

Lawn Aeration

We also provide lawn aerations during the spring and fall months. It is recommended that aeration services take place at least once a year. A visit should take place either in the spring or during the fall. In the spring, aeration helps add root growth, promote drought tolerance, increase water infiltration, and add density to your lawn so it can prepare for the hotter summer months ahead.  Read More

Gutter Cleaning

Tired of climbing up and down ladders to clean your clogged gutters? Let us handle the climbing from now on. We can make routine spring and fall stops at your residence to clean your gutters and unclog any downspouts that may have built up debris in them. Read More



The Greener Blade utilizes a much higher quality fertilizer than most competing companies. We purchase dry granular, 100% slow-release fertilizer, which is more effective than the inexpensive and less-reliable liquid fertilizers most commonly used by other lawn care companies. Read More


If you are looking for a higher impact to improve the density of your lawn, then over-seeding is a good method. It should be performed in the conjunction with aeration. Read More

Shrub Trimming

Ever had bad experience with someone that does not know how to properly prune shrubs? Maybe they killed your rhododendrons. Or maybe they pruned your lilacs right before they were about to bloom. Read More

Landscape Bed Maintenance

The Greener Blade can help redesign and install new foundations in your landscape beds. We can refresh all your gravel, re-install decayed poly or fabric, or top-dress all your older faded mulch with new vibrant mulch. Read More

WHITE GRUB AND Japanese Beetle Population Reduction

The Japanese beetle population has been on the rise the past few years thriving on desired plant vegetation from perennial flowers, to ornamental trees.The Japanese beetle has also been a problem as of late with turfgrass, causing smaller irregular patterns of dead grass in lawns all the way to huge sections of turf that need to be completely renovated. Read More