Japanese Beetle Population Reduction

The Japanese beetle population has been on the rise the past few years thriving on desired plant vegetation from perennial flowers, to ornamental trees.The Japanese beetle has also been a problem as of late with turfgrass, causing smaller irregular patterns of dead grass in lawns all the way to huge sections of turf that need to be completely renovated.

What they do:
The beetle emerges from the ground in late June/early July and immediately begins to feed in large numbers on anything from large trees such as Lindens, Birch, and apple trees, to small annuals and perennial flowers. The damage can be catastrophic,killing the entire tree,landscape,or lawn.

While feeding in large numbers, the beetles are constantly mating and reproducing eggs to lay into the ground.A“second generation” sometimes emerges in late August/early September to reinforce the damage already caused by the first wave.

What to do?
The Greener Blade is now offering a way to control the Japanese beetle from destroying your landscape plants, trees and turf by applying a granular insecticide.The insecticide will help kill the larvae underground, preventing them not only from damaging your lawn, but keeping them from pupating into beetles and destroying your landscape trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable gardens.

We recommend at least one application of insecticide in the month of May.This will greatly help control the population. If you had a very large infestation last year, we recommend at least two or three applications. For heavier infestations we recommend a May application and two follow-up applications taking place in July and August. This will greatly target the 2nd generation and put a good dent towards next years generation as well. After the insecticide is applied, it is vital to water the product into the ground so the active ingredients get to the larvae.We recommend two-20 minute intervals over a two day span. Because these beetles have the ability to fly, we also recommend letting your neighbors know about your efforts to help reduce the population. The greater the effort in your neighborhood the greater the chances of success you will have in controlling them on your property.

Post Emergent Control:
We recommend spraying your trees and desired shrubs every 1-2 weeks to keep them from feeding on your vegetation.All nurseries and hardware stores carry a product called Sevin. Sevin containers can attach to the end of a garden hose and can spray down your trees in a minimal amount of time.They can spray upwards of 30 feet in distance and will last around 4 to 6 weeks per container depending on how many plants you are treating. Sevin creates sort of a transparent “chalky”barrier around the leaves of your desired trees,plants,and shrubs keeping the Japanese beetle away for an extended period of time.