Mosquito, Wood Tick, and Biting Fly Control

Our full program consists of 7 visits, applied in 2-3 week intervals, beginning around Memorial Day and extending to around Labor Day. This program is best suited for property owners that want to enjoy outdoor activities during the summer months without being pestered by mosquitoes, biting flies, and wood ticks.

Application method: Depending on the amount of rainfall received, we come every two to three weeks and apply products utilizing the same method as our weed control application. Our technicians use a hose pulled from a truck rather than using a fogger. Foggers produce harmful fumes that could possibly be inhaled. We apply the product to all turf areas, landscape beds, wood lines and property lines, patios, decks, gazebos, porch areas, bonfire areas, and the surrounding perimeter of your home. We add "Sticker", a harmless additive similar to vegetable oil, to the pest control product which allows it to adhere to the sprayed surfaces more effectively without washing off. This allows the product to remain on surfaces up to 21 days depending on the amount of rainfall. Your yard is safe for kids and pets again after the product has been allowed to dry.


Full Programs - Full programs come with free follow-ups between visits, if necessary, depending on the level of insect infestation. Full programs also include one FREE application.

One-time Applications - We also can apply one-time applications if you are having an outdoor party such as a graduation, wedding, holiday event, BBQ, etc. Prices will vary for one time applications because extra product is used to ensure maximum coverage. Free follow ups do not apply for one time applications.

Call Ahead - If you wish to have notification before each/any application, a fee of $10 is required per application.